Stakeholder Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Stakeholder Advisory Committee is to assist the City of Winnipeg  to develop a vision and a strategy for the management of solid waste materials in Winnipeg, provide advice and innovative ideas to formulate solutions and recommendations for the master plan, review options and provide feedback from economic, social and environmental perspectives and to provide advice on the public participation process.

  • Provincial Representative: Climate change, Neil Cunningham
  • Provincial Representative: Waste Reduction/ Pollution Prevention, Laurie Streich
  • Consumers Association of Canada- Manitoba, Gloria Desorcy
  • Green Action Centre, Harvey Stevens
  • Waste Management Ltd, Dan Rochette
  • Multi Material Stewardship Manitoba, Karen Melnychuk
  • University of Manitoba, Maire McDermot
  • EcoPIA – Ecological People in Action, University of Winnipeg, William Ring
  • Mayor’s Environmental Advisory Committee, Jeffrey Hartry
  • Professional Property Managers Association, Mario Lopes
  • St Johns Residents’ Association/Citizen Representative, Rae Butcher
  • Citizen representative, Wayne Warren

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