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On March 4, 2011, in Phase 2, Speaking Up, by Justin

We are developing a plan to present to City Council in fall 2011 outlining the future of garbage and recycling services in our city. It is important that we include your comments and recommendations.

We invite you to drop by to share your thoughts on:

  • ways to improve garbage, recycling and composting services, and
  • the future of Brady Road Landfill.

All open houses are from 5 pm – 8 pm (unless otherwise indicated).

Monday, March 14 Canad Inns Garden City 2100 McPhillips Street
Tuesday March 15 Dakota Collegiate 661 Dakota Street
Wednesday, March 16 Sturgeon Creek CC 210 Rita Street
Thursday, March 17 Cindy Klassen Recreation Complex 999 Sargent Avenue
Saturday, March 19

10:00 am – 1:00 pm Park City West CC 115 Sandford Fleming Rd.
2:30 pm – 5:30 pm Bronx Park CC 720 Henderson Highway
Monday, March 21 École Henri-Bergeron School 363 Enfield Crescent
Service provided in both official languages.
Tuesday, March 22 St John’s Leisure Centre 601 Aikins Street
Wednesday, March 23 Crescentwood CC 1170 Corydon Avenue
Thursday, March 24 St Norbert CC 3450 Pembina Hwy

Wednesday, March 30

Millennium Library 251 Donald St

Read more about options for garbage, recycling and organics.

Download the Open House Story Boards (French).

If you are unable to come to an Open House, you can give your feedback by commenting on blogs and videos,  contacting us through the website or calling 311.

Check our Events Calendar regularly for upcoming opportunities to participate!

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3 Responses to Open Houses

  1. Rowena Fisher says:

    Whatever Option's adopted – back lanes must be used, not streets: I live in the Luxton Neighbourhood and I sincerely hope that whatever system is put in place the back lane is used – that's one of the purposes they're there!. Following the inception of the blue boxes in Luxton the front street became the pick up point (the blue box guys at that time zig zagged across the street picking up the boxes – which they don't any more.) Not every house has a cut through the snow bank to the kerb. Bins are balanced on snow banks; retrieving the empty bin can be a challenge. Not having easy access to put out the blue box is a deterrent to using it. Blue boxes on the street significantly increase the amount of litter.

    If the bin option is adopted, and the front street is used, these bins will sit on the boulevard week after week – just drive along Aberdeen west of Main and you'll see the unsightly black wheeled bins lined up at the kerb 24/7. Would we want out city to look like a perpetual garbage collection?

  2. linda B. says:

    I lived in Edmonton over 30 years ago and they had depots that you could bring glass, plastics,etc. and receive money back. When I was young we could return bottles back to the grocery stores for our deposits back.We have gone backwards. Make small depots around the city and you'll see a cleaner Winnipeg. People will pick up that bottle so they can get the deposit back.

  3. Bob says:

    Make it easy to what is right. Once people figure out a convenient way to do it wrong, changing their behaviour later will be a challenge.

    Disposing of special items needs to be easier. If I cannot put empty paint cans, used electronics, etc. in the recycle box or return them to the place I bought them, they will end up in the garbage. Last time I tried recycling electronics, it was an ordeal driving to one of the few depots that were open when I was available.