Guiding Principles & Resources

On March 10, 2011, in Speaking Up, by Justin

We’ve updated our background information with our Guiding Principles and some Resources.

Guiding Principles

Waste Hierarchy: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover, Residuals (disposal)The guiding principles for the Garbage and Recycling Master Plan (GRMP) were established through the Phase 1 participation process and input from the Stakeholder Advisory Committee. These principles help to shape the goals and objectives of GRMP, and will also help to guide potential options for garbage, recycling and organic services in Winnipeg. They are:

  • Sustainability
  • Waste Hierarchy
  • Zero Waste

Read more about the Guiding Principles here.


The resources we’ve posted include previous reports and strategies for the City’s waste and recycling programs.

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4 Responses to Guiding Principles & Resources

  1. drummerboy says:

    In Alberta and Saskatchewan, the recycling rebate is implemented at the Province level, not the city, so if we want to have that system here, talk to the Province.

    Before you do, find out what recycling costs residents of Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, etc. because of the levy. They all pay to recycle. Calgary is $96/year, Saskatoon doesn't have recycling at the home yet through the city (just private, which residents pay for) and Edmonton has a fee of $300+ per year for garbage and recycling services. This is all because of the refundable deposit system in those Provinces.

  2. g. king says:

    Hello, I would like to encourage my fellow Winnipegers to recycle. We need to take better care of this wonderful world of ours. Recycling , is not that hard to do, even if you just do the easy stuff like junk mail, newspaper and clean empty packaging. Leave out the rinsing of soup cans for your garbage, if not so inclined.

    We all pay for waste through our taxes-it is not free! So ultimately we should have "Pay as you Throw" (direct pay). And (compulsory) recycling would have no fee-as an incentive to recycle. We send far too much to the landfill, at 83%. Our waste is a valuable resource-recyclables-metals/plastics/organics. We have deforestation, global warming, litter, resource depletion as reasons to recycle.

    Recycle bins should be paid by city. (previous commenter didn't want to pay for a blue bin-even though the city doesn't buy our garbage cans (in most of the city) The recycling crews do throw+break the blue bins and can be frustrating-and cause citizens to desist from recycling.

    Our landfill needs improved marshaling/ staging for recyclables + re-usables/ organics.
    Organic programming could also be city wide. Organics makes up ~40% of our waste. It is valuable compost/natural fertilizer. Reducing the need for chemical fertilizers. Our recovery rate is really too low for a vibrant/ economical well off/ environmentally aware city-17%.
    give it a try!
    g. king

  3. John MacIsaac says:

    Why doesn't Winnipeg adopt the same type of program that Calgary has for recyclables. I lived there on and off for 6 years,back in the 80's and early 90's, and I never saw any useless garbage anywhere. They have a central depot for all recyclables and even pay you. You have the whole city working for you and no waste. Just a thought.

  4. Ryan Johnston says:

    I don't recycle anymore since the Recycling collectors ruined my blue box and want me to pay money to get a new one! I will not pay to recycle. Give me a free box, and I may reconsider! These guys toss these bins around like ragdolls. How long can these things possibly last?