Winnipeg’s existing Garbage Master Plan was last reviewed in 2001. After implementing automated garbage cart collection in the northwest area of Winnipeg, City Council requested we prepare a full garbage and recycling plan before recommending any more program changes.
  • Implementing automated garbage cart collection in the northwest area resulted in City Council requesting we prepare full garbage and recycling plan before recommending any more program changes
  • After doing research, including discussions with garbage collection professionals, we determined that garbage carts are the best modern means of garbage collection and the industry trend.  We wrote up a contract, and garbage carts were introduced to the northwest area of the city.  This caused a lot of excitement and a lot of interest!  How, when, and where our garbage was collected became a big topic of conversation!
  • Garbage and recycling collection contracts expire over the next few years
  • there are nine contracts for garbage and recycling collection with varying expiry dates, contracted out to several service providers
  • Continues a Call to Action with SpeakUp Winnipeg
  • Our existing Master Plan was last reviewed in 2001.

What is the goal of the master plan?

  • Provide a fair and equal level of service to all residential customers
  • Plan a waste diversion and handling system that will accommodate estimated growth in population
  • Help residents and businesses reduce and divert waste
  • Implement high diversion programs that are officially endorsed and funded
  • Update the Brady Road Landfill master plan and obtain the required environmental licence

Where do we stand now?

  • Winnipeg diverts only 17% of its residential waste, which is much lower than other Canadian cities.
  • There is a mix of five different residential collection methods, providing different garbage service in different areas of the city.
  • Garbage collection, processing and disposal cost taxpayers more than recycling.

What to you think?

  • What is your vision for the future of garbage and recycling services in our city?
  • What are your goals?
  • Why do you think we should have a Garbage and Recycling Master Plan?

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2 Responses to Why prepare a Garbage and Recycling Master Plan?

  1. Guest says:

    Why didn't the City take a poll of citizens to find out what it's waste management and recycling goals were BEFORE implementing a new garbage collection strategy? What if the City finds that our goals don't fit with the automated carts? It's too late to ask for goals after something has already been adopted.

    Also, please provide more information on how the automated carts are the "best modern means of garbage collection". In terms of cost? Cleanliness? Encouragement to recycle and divert trash from the landfill? The best at what? Just because it's the new fad, doesn't mean it's going to help us achieve our goals. I agree with the poster above that in my neighbourhood, there's been less recycling in favour of throwing everything into the huge automated cart. So let's identify if the carts will actually meet our needs and goals FIRST.

  2. I Parrish says:

    WE live in West Kildonan and have the Automated Garbage Bins in the back-lane.. On our recycling day only 1/3rd of the residents put out the blue bins, only 1/3rd. Why is this? Because it's easier to just dump everything into the big bin. Get rid of the big bins and force people to start recycling. These bins are an eyesore, a fire hazard, and they stink!